Animals in prison. The innocent don’t know why they are behind bars.

Animals should not be kept in any form of captivity. Animals belong in their natural habitat. It is a breach of their natural rights to take them away, and put them behind bars. All animals that are kept in captivity should be realised into the wild. Healty News In zoos around the world animals are suffering Weird News. Every day animals are taken out of their natural habitat and put behind bars, purely for our benefit. Studies have shown that these animals are suffering form severe cases of depression, abnormal behaviour and physiological distress. How does the bird feel in the cage when he can clearly see his wild cousin flying free from his confines? More questions than answers.

Wacky Owl

Many people visit zoos so they are able to gain greater knowledge of how animals behave and operate. These people want to see the animals acting naturally, how they would in the wild. The only way to understand an animal properly is to see it in its natural environment. Zoos give totally artificial and misleading views by isolating animals from there ecosystem. If people want to see how animals behave they should go out into the wild to see real animals, not ones who are physiologically distressed.


In some poorer zoos the conditions are extremely bad. Most of them keep their animals in wire cages which are often too small to allow the animals to move around. Most of these cages have cement floors and lack any opportunities for the animals to act naturally. To make it worse most of these animals die young due to the harsh conditions they are forced to live with. Many zoos are absolutely disgraceful, and no animal should be forced to live within them.

Zoos are cruel jails for these animals and should be outlawed unless they provide the animals with a friendly and roomy habitat, good food and good medical care. Most unfortunately do not … I cannot imagine what life must be like for these animals in your gallery and thousands like them the world over …

Zoos are indeed a double-edged sword. Some people claim that zoos help protect endangered animals. Capturing animals from the wild can endanger them, and some species have become extinct in zoos. It’s sad to see them behind bars, yet without these zoos, you’d never see see many of these animals because they’d be extinct. One way or another humans seem to have a knack for destroying the beauty that is nature.

On the one hand, Zoos have saved many species from extinction because if you look after a pair of animals then they can reproduce and then the certain animal wont come extinct eg..the pandas, the American and European bison, the Pere David’s deer. In most zoos, bars and cages have given way to glass and natural habitats.

But on the other hand, for example the last Tasmanian tiger was kept in a tiny outdoor cage with a cement floor, and soon died of hypothermia. It is a known fact that many animals are reluctant to breed in zoos; Because of this it is very difficult for zoos to save endangered species, and often fail to do so.

Animals should be respected and, if we can’t altogether avoid fencing them in, they should be given a lot more space. Even though modern zoo’s try to consider the needs of animals and some of them wouldnt have a chance to survive in the wild (sad, but true) the still remain a prision. Unfortunately, mankind has destroyed our planet to the point that many of these creatures may only survive through human intervention now. We do not deserve the world we have been given, in the beginning when zoos were first created it was for the entertainment and amusement of humans, now unfortunately it is properly the only way that these creatures will survive. We are heading down a path of no return, our climate is changing, species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate,greed and money have become god, heaven help us all.

I find this gallery particularly expressive and agree we do not have the right as humans to cage animals simply for our viewing pleasure. Very sad but this is reality. This is what the humans are doing for publicity and entertainment for the public. Every look of those innocent creatures tells us their sad life stories… This is a sad reality…they’re caged for our entertainment

Animals in cages is just not a sight that inspires in me a love of nature. But what should you expect from humans that can not even treat their own kind with respect and fairness. When you look at what people and nations do to other people and their neighboors, one should have no surprise at how they treat animals. They don’t deserve to be behind bars, nobody deserves this their whole lives. Have you ever thought how selfish we are as human being? Just look at their eyes. Do we have the right to restrict other creatures’ freedom like this?
Express your feeling, Please.

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14 Responses to “Animals in prison. The innocent don’t know why they are behind bars.”

  1. CHOPPERGIRL says:

    Due Process violation. They or their lawyer need to file an immediate HabeAs Corpus appeal. If they do not have a lawyer, they can request a state appointed lawyer.

    I think the main problem is many of these animals do not speak a language anyone in the court system is able to understand.

    I once told a lawyer the system was total crap. He told me back, it was the best we had. I told him that was a poor excuse for never fixing anything. This is an epic example. In order for these animals to have freedom, its required they conform to someone elses norms and be able to speak.

    In an anarchist society, above all else, you have the right to be left alone, and you have the right not to participate. Both rights would protect all these animals in all cases. A democracy or a republic is a chimeral farce when it comes to speaking about freedom; only in an anarchist society do you have what you can call real freedom.

  2. Deborah Ilia Debandi says:

    Hundreds of years ago, man had to hunt and kill their food in order to survive. I don’t believe they called it a “sport” back then, nor did you have to acquire a hunting license to do so. But today, that simply is not the way that it is. We no longer have to hunt down and viciously destroy these lovely creatures of the wild. Some that we don’t even eat! When Government, Legislatures, States and people stop calling Hunting a “Sport” and stop allowing such slaughter to prevail, there wont be any needs for zoo’s to keep our Wildlife from going extent as there will no longer me a need in man to hunt these creatures to put upon their wall to display for show and tell. But of course I guess it’s a catch twenty two deal as the Fish & Game Wildlife people are the one’s giving out the license so that what….???? Where does that money go to?!? But are Zoo’s really there for the Entertainment to the public or were theyput there to put food on someone’s plate? Everyone is always drawn to seeing something that they normally don’t get to see. It’s called Human Nature, but it comes with a price and it’s called Animal Nature and their lives. We have no right to take them out of their natural habitats no more than they would have a right to requrie that of us …if they could, not that they would – they have far too much more compassion than that. But how can Human-kind expect much more from human kind when you see how we treat human kind. We kill one another. I heard a saying once that said….” Did the man learn to growl from the dog or did the dog learn to growl from the man”.

  3. Kathleen says:

    while I hate animals behind bars i hate them being killed in the wild more and every single animal shown has a very dangerous life in the wild thanks to poachers an encroachers on their land and have been getting slaughtered specifically for that. Wheither they spoke or not would not be relavent as there is mass human slavery going on today an children being sold as toys in phenominal numbers as I type. Keep in mind according to Europeans neither blacks or Native peoples had souls until around 1900 but even then that still didn’t give them many rights. There is no freedom beyond self in an anarchist society but i do believe in productive anarchy

  4. SickSadWorld says:

    Very good points. These animals have done nothing at all yet are imprisoned for people to stare at. Unfortunately until humans can get over their hate for each other and sort out taking care of humans these animals and millions more will be imprisoned and murdered for entertainment, food, clothing and sport.

    The polar bear is one of the saddest photos i have even seen, and you can see in the lemurs eyes it is suffering.

  5. Angela says:

    I think these animals should be given the chance at freedom. I have not been to the zoo since I was a kid, and the reason is it breaks my heart to see these innocent, beautiful animals caged up with barely enough room to walk around. People that understand this and agree with me I would hope do not support zoos. I know kids like zoos but as adults we need to understand what they do to these animals. The environment alone is so stressful on them.

  6. Sandy says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! Wish all the zoos would be closed. Sadly, I doubt it will ever happen and the animals will continue to suffer.

  7. oneyedowl says:


    this is the worst article I have ever read. sure, “many” zoos take poor care of their animals, but any accredited zoo (which most in the US are) is required to provide ample nutrition and enrichment for their animals. and why?

    zoos raise millions of dollars for endangered wildlife preservation, reproduction, and rehabilitation

    they raise awareness in the general public of animal needs and educate people that otherwise wouldn’t give a damn about animals’ plights in the wild.

    they are also QUITE effective at breeding many, many different endangered animals. did you know that the repopulation of bald eagles in ohio is due mainly to the efforts of the cincinnati zoo’s breeding program?

    I could go on and on. do some research. go talk to some zookeepers at an AZA accredited zoo. or, don’t. they’ll probably kick your ignorant ass out.

  8. A Sad Truth says:

    While agree with the OP, is disagree that no animals should be “behind bars”. True there are a great many animal farms claiming to be “zoos”. They obviously are not. These need to be shut down on a federal/governmental level and the animals moved to better facilities.

    Not all zoos are bad and frankly, without zoos, some species would be extinct. Not all animals have shorter life-spans in these places, in fact it is quite the opposite.

    No to horrible people keeping animals in horrid conditions. Yes to reputable not-for-profit organizations trying to protect animals from the shameful things humans are capable of.

  9. catcaley says:

    I am glad that the writer has brought up the subject of zoos. I no longer visit zoos. It breaks my heart to see the animals caged and/or confined to small spaces so different from their natural habitat.
    There is no need for zoos for us to learn about the animals. We can learn more about the animals from videos. National Geographic, Discovery Channel and BBC have excellent films of animals in the wild.
    Animals that need to be closely monitored to prevent their species from extinction can be placed in animal reserves or sanctuaries where they are free to roam.
    I agree that zoos should be banned. There is no need for them. Most of all, zoos should be banned because it is cruel to keep animals in zoos, confining them to a life of misery.
    Let us apply the Golden Rule not only to fellow human beings, but also to our fellow citizens of Planet Earth.

  10. Steve says:

    OP should go join PETA. Good Lord, I haven’t heard this much ignorant whining in a VERY long time. This biology major says OP doesn’t know very much of anything to be saying zoos are intrinsically evil.

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  12. Soo Loterbauer says:

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  13. LOROBOLIVIA says:

    Zoos teach that Freedom is not worth anything.

    Being locked up behind bars is a punishment for criminals and should not be applied with innocent creatures.

    Thank you for the article and the fotos!

  14. Fluffy says:

    This is wrong.

    Nearly all zoos provide animals with a natural environment, plenty of space, great medical care and a varied, healthy diet. Without zoos, many species we know and love would be extinct.

    I agree, poorer zoos with Victorian bars and cages should be outlawed, and that polar bears should not be in captivity (polar bears are so adapted to being in the cold, and they have such a wide range, that they can never be kept in zoos successfully), but so many zoos nowadays have even better environments than the wild (less pollution, no hunting, no logging, etc). There are standards for zoos, and if a zoo is seen as unfit, it is shut down,and the animals given to deserving zoos.

    I’m very sensitive about animal rights; I’m a vegan, and I’m a member of PETA; but I support zoos. My local zoo is incredibly good. There are no bars, vets on-site, and it’s one of the world’s leading zoos in the breeding of endangered animals.

    Also, very, very few animals are actually taken out of the wild now, and even then, it’s mostly to protect them from environmental pressures. Zoos breed animals in captivity, and lots of these are released back into the wild, if it’s safe.

    With the photos of the ‘sad’ lemur and monkey, you are personifying the animals. People often do that with apes; they assume that because we are related we use the same expressions. Most ‘smiles’ performed by apes are grimaces of fear or pain, so if an ape is sitting with a blank expression, it is not nessesarily depressed.
    That lemur may well have just been peering curiously into the camera lens; apes are naturally inquisitive animals.
    You’d think it stupid if I personified a deer or pig, and deduced that just because it wasn’t doing things we interpret as happiness in HUMANS, it was depressed.

    Please, rethink your ridiculous theory of all zoos being cruel, and think of the huge benefits of zoos.


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