Beautiful birds that looked amazing in flight with that splash of colour!

These is a wonderful collection of avian imagery, simply magnificent…



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29 Responses to “Beautiful birds that looked amazing in flight with that splash of colour!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Serendipitymind. Serendipitymind said: RT @RatRaceTrap: If you love beautiful birds, you will love these photos! […]

  2. Nice picture of birds thanks for sharing

  3. barbara thornton says:


    I printed them out to mail to someone who is incarcerated. The photos will be inspirational to him

  4. Richard says:

    The first picture is amazing 😀

  5. WOw, Really Very Cute Birds

  6. Jason Collin Photography says:

    I’ll second the sentiment, the top photo is fabulous. Great timing and smooth as silk bokeh. I like the one of the hummingbird fighting off the other from landing on its perch.

  7. Paul O'Mahony (Cork, Ireland) says:

    I’m delighted. Got to your photos via Twitter @petapixel. I’m curious to know how much work you did on the photos after you took them?

    But most of all I’d like to say thanks

  8. WonderLucy says:

    Beautifull pictures, I like all them but my favorite is the red bird. Thank you. WonderLucy

  9. Belinda says:

    Wow! what a fantastic set of pictures. I would love to be able to shoot film as good as that. Simply breathtaking.


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  11. Stfu ^^^^^^^^^^^ says:

    Start making sense by completing sentences dumb shit. Btw, nice pics.

  12. Paul O'Mahony (Cork) says:

    I think it’s the colour I’m wondering about: have you enhanced it post-shooting? I ask this because I’m a beginner and would like to find out how you captured such fabulous colour?

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  27. henk-jan says:

    thank ya for ya great post i ‘ve read it with amase !

  28. Tom @ Leica Cameras says:

    Those are soo cute, really brightened my day! Thanks for sharingTom

  29. Nargis Javed says:

    I must say “SubhanAllah”,
    How beautiful creature of God . . . . . . . .!!!
    amazing colors and surprising beauty………..
    I Love my Allah……..I Love His Universe too.


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