Can animals be better parents than humans

Isn’t it funny how some really strange looking creatures just come across as adorable when they are babies?


Five of the best animal fathers

Can one little smile make you feel better

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10 Responses to “Can animals be better parents than humans”

  1. Jason says:

    A good question for parents .

  2. Locus says:

    It should have ended with a picture of a mother striking her child at a McDonald’s.

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  4. These pics are truly lovely – &, sadly, you only need to look at child abuse statistics to know that some human parents definitely get the worst of the comparison.

  5. Erin says:

    Also remember that some animal parents kill, eat, or abandon their young.

  6. kelly Vance says:

    After having 3 boys I now no why some animals eat there young….lol

  7. Jilyun says:

    Locus, that’s exactly how i thought it’d end haha

  8. robb says:

    i like the last pic the most.

  9. Nic Stage says:

    Please. Many species eat their young (Rats, Lions, etc). When the term “animals” are used for some reason everyone thinks that that doesn’t include homo sapiens. We’re no better or worse than any other species out there as far as our potential to be great or terrible parents. Get off your high-horse and get in touch with nature.

  10. fxdfp says:

    Ever see how a mother animal gets its baby to stop nursing on them? If humans did that, they’d be thrown in jail instantly…

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