Mobile Office

A mobile office is an office built within a truck, motorhome, trailer or purpose built shipping container. Most common are towable offices built on an axled iron frame for easy relocation. Mobile field offices are often found on construction sites, or at disaster scenes where a temporary office space is needed. Typically, mobile offices in North America feature a single phase split (240 volt center-tapped) electric service that is connected to a nearby source of power, to run small window-unit air conditioners, and the like. There are many types of companies that sell, lease, rent new and used storage containers, portable buildings or modular buildings. This type of construction shortens the construction period as the building can be built in a factory in as little as six weeks and the site and utility work can be done in conjunction with the construction of the building.

Mobile office is also used for the workspace of salespeople or similar, working out of their company office. They are usually equipped with a portable computer and connect to the company servers and Intranet via mobile phones, WiFi or via fixed connections in cybercafes, hotels and airports.

This office is designed for those who work at home and who did not get to retire on time. It can be installed in the garden or in the yard and become lost in the working weekdays.

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