Sony Pictures Partners in Green Energy Waste Compost Program

Glimpsing at the current condition of our natural world and economic market and the benefits associated with renewable energy utilization, there is really no wonder why large movie picture conglomerates are  making the transition to green energy programs. Sony Pictures Entertainment is the preliminary affiliate in a new organic waste program initiated through a recent unanimous vote by the Culver City Council, where the studio is centered. The program, which begins June 8th, is significant in many ways; it brings a vital source of renewable energy to an especially outsized city, the composted waste will be sold to local farmers which will provide them with cheaper organic fertilizer to sustain their efforts, tax dollars saved by developing renewable energy will be helpful toward the local economy, waste will be reduced by immense proportions, and last – but not least – Sony’s switch to renewables will inspire other large corporations to move in the same direction. Mayor Andy Weissman, states, “Culver City has implemented a number of recycling programs designed to give local businesses and city residents the tools they need to reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills… We are excited about this organic composting pilot program with Sony Pictures which stands to reduce waste by up to 1,000 tons per year.”

Sony Pictures is reportedly the first and only movie studio to receive ISO14001 certification, which is the global standard for controlling a corporation’s environmental influence. The conglomerate has had a wide-spread studio sustainability system instituted for more than four years and has worked to reduce their personal carbon footprint by implicating practices to moderate climate change, protect and conserve natural resources and help safeguard health and security of the community by applying policies that involve it’s facility procedures and employees, product production, customer products and community outreach. These accomplished renewable energy measures are thanks to Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton and Co-Chairman Amy Pascal, who has worked vigorously to apply these vital energy conservation customs to the studio. “We’re proud to partner with Culver City on this important initiative… Ultimately, we want to become a ‘zero waste’ facility, and this program gets us vastly closer to reaching that goal on our lot.” stated Jon Corcoran, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability for the studio. Finally, we have seen change we can all believe in.

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